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Dark shots

More alternative perspectives

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For use on any of your projects, happy to share HD versions upon request.

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360° Panoramic, Full 4k Video, HD images

Scenery, Items, Locations

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Stock images

Collection of randoms, free to use.  

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A variety of night time images

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All full 360° images

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Some 360° images of walks    

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About Us

Only 3 months in with the Drone, and a very inexperienced photographer.

James Livingstone

Favourites image collections to share

These are chosen via combination of FB likes, and Google Maps views, showing what other like best

Favourite 360°s

A selection of our favourite images backed by Likes and Views on google maps and facebook;

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Favourite base images

A selection of our favourite base line images;

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Favourite night images

A selection of our favourite night time images;

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Static images

Random snapshots that made the cut

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About the 360° view

The site has been created by myself, it uses WordPress (I know.. But its so easy and slick for a none competant coder) 5.3 - Its been a fun learning curve - around 1.5 day to complete setup and settle on plugins etc, and forever ! on revamps and changes and mods :D -anyways, i created the site for fun and to enable you to share these views with people who may enjoy them, specially the older team that cant get out to see some of these place and changes. When you do share, i hope they like them !! <3

James Livingstone

Lead Sharer

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Hawthornden Castle and Rosslyn Glen

Hawthornden Castle and Rosslyn Glen centralised around some historic Scottish beauty. Today the castle is used as a writers retreat along the banks of the river esk…

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Rosslyn Castle and Glen

This os Rosslyn Chapel albeit from a distance to prevent any issues with security, there is another one with a lovely view of the castle.   For

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This really is an awesome location, although as a kid the place creeped me out – George A. Romero movie lover, and i wasnt even a teenager,…

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